Welcome to the next level of Tower Defense!

Posted on Febraury 2nd, 2010 by Matthias Thurau

Asteroid Conflict is a free, XNA based computergame designed to have a massive strategic experience in a world based on Science Fiction. This game is available free and even the sourcecode can be obtained directly at the authors if there will be a professional team that wants to continue the development.

Asteroid Conflict!

Destroy all enemies that will arrive from all corners of the universe. Build and upgrade towers like the Gatling, Laser, EMP, Rocket Launcher or the Plasma tower to destroy all attacking forces. Be the center of the universe and fight as a commander! Care about your ressources through building Extractor towers and earn scientists to research from time to time.

  • Full dynamic gameplay environment. The asteroids, the base of all towers, are moving independently
  • 3D-rendered graphics for a nice visual experience
  • Many nice additional effects for advanced gaming experience
  • Highscores to compare with your friends

Together with the University of Duisburg-Essen this project was created within a course called "Game Architecture and Design".